Richard chartered Project Steel

To the Crew of Project Steel!
I hope this is the first of many holidays we have in board – needless to say we have all fallen in love with the boat, but what has really made this trip so special is the crew! Thank you for a truly memorable holiday. Fantastic food, awesome crew, stunning scenery & the best amaretto sours cocktails I have ever had. I never thought I'd actually wait to extend a family holiday but I would stay on here indefinitely. Many thanks all, see you next year!

Rock chartered MOYA!

Many thanks to thiscrew! This is the best vacation we have ever had. Full of surprise every day. Captain is a very experienced captain, and made a perfect itinerary for us. Amazing chef. Each day, each meal was different and tasty with high quality. Hostess is so considerate and sweet with a big smile every moment.
I wish I could see you again in Ionian Sea next year!

Paul & Friends Chartered NOVA

The week was the best we could have hoped for and we had a wonderful time. For two of us , who were apprehensive about sailing trip , the whole experience was a relaxation.
Captain thanks for applying all your local knowledge and sharing with us all the great places in the Cyclades.
Hostess– you are like us and always in good humor and managed all of our needs. Thanks you!!!
Chef – your food was amazing and you should publish a cook book. We would buy it! We have gained weight but have no gilts! Bravo! Nova is a wonderful yacht with wonderful people!

Marie & Friends chartered MOYA

A big thank you Alex for all the goodies you made for us, perfect every day! Merci. Magnifique semaine a bord de ce bateau grand luxe.

Kris andfriends chartered NOVA

BEST TRIP EVER. Thank you so much for your amazing service and friendship. Too many moments that will last a lifetime. Can't wait to do it again. 

You are an amazing team- A force of love of Greece and the desire to host us through its beauty. Thank you sharing with us your quick to smile faces every morning for taking impeccable care of us. You made us all feel like FAMILY! 

Marlena and Family chartered Project Steel

One of our best family trips....
Thank you very much for all of your attentions. The crew is the BEST, and the most valuable piece of this company.
From the bottom of our hearts THANKS.
P.S we will come back in the summer.
It was a very interesting travel. We are a big family, congratulation for all the people work there.
I take all of you in my heart.

Jonathan and family chartered Moya!

Thank you very much for this wonderful vacations and the amazing places you have taking us. The complete crew has made us such special experience.
Chef's cooking has been unspectacular and we will have to try very hard to lose the pounds gained on this adventure!!! Thank you all for being so nice to us and showing us a very special way to enjoy life.
Hope to see you all guys again soon.

Jason and family chartered Idea!

Dear crew
Thank you for making out trip so much more wonderful that we could have imagined. Even though we were quite substantial, Maria managed to had us with her gourmet style!! The Great food and service was absolutely " Amazing ...we are moving to Greece"!
Our confident captain made us feel safe and we are grateful to have been in such good hands with his sailing expertise! He turned the high winds and the large seas into a fun adventure rather than a cause for concernce.
You were such perfect crew and we felt so at home on this boat. It was truly like vacationing with family! We never felt like we were imposing with our requests or our many questions about sailing in general!
We will miss our frappes but we will never eat another piece of "bread"!
We will never forget this one of a kind trip with crew
We don't want to leave but we must return home of ... course!
Thanks for all the laughs, beautiful sights and wonderful food.

Billy and family chartered Project Steel!

We had an amazing trip! It was our first time in Greece and we were able to explore many wonderful aspects of the country by visiting the different islands. The beaches were incredible and we had no trouble finding them and getting there thanks to the extraordinary crew! When we weren't on the beaches or exploring the islands, we had so much fun doing the water sports, including knee boarding, water skiing, wake boarding, jet ski and going on the banana boat! We loved every single meal we had on the boat, and the comfortable cabins made us feel right at home! The crew was extremely helpful and could not have been nicer. Our time on the boat definitely proved to be one of the best vacations ever. Thank you for such an unforgettable, relaxing, and lovely experience. We couldn't have been happier with our time on the boat!

Stefan and family chartered Moya!

We just loved our week on Moya - was very hard to leave and we keep wishing we were back!!!
The boat itself is in pristine condition - everything works, it's really well taken care of and the crew work hard to keep it looking great. There's tons of space even for 6 of us and 3 crew. You never really felt like you were "on top of each other". Loads of room just to sit and relax or to sunbathe - whatever you wanted.
Captain was really knowledgeable and had a good balance of professionalism and friendliness. He took us to amazing places and we were never disappointed in the stops we made. At first, we thought we would work together to figure out a route, but it became clear that he would basically work this angle himself. This isn't a complaint - it was actually the right way to go - he knows the islands and we don't!!!!
Hostess - AMAZING. We have lived all over the world, travelled all over the world and are not that easy to please and her food was absolutely outstanding. We wrote on our preferences that we wanted fresh, local, healthy dishes and she did just exactly that. Every meal was different and unbelievable and loved by all - from the 8 year old to Jay! She was fun, friendly, warm and welcoming. We are FB friends now!!!! Really can't say enough good things about her.
 a great great helper and deck hand. Quiet but friendly and really helpful. Would do anything to make our experience good. The boat couldn't have functioned as well without him. It really takes 3 people for that boat to work well.
Doesn't get much better than that! Next time we're going for 2 weeks!!"