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Mike and Elena, Thank you for sharing Greece with us! This trip has been full of surprises (calm seas, moonlight private) , caves, 5 star meals, sense of humor and so much more. I could not have imagined a better time in Greece than what you provided. Our adult family of six is departing today with happy hearts, full bellies, and priceless memories which will from now on be known as ‘’Mystique”. You two are now honorary members of the family who we all hope to see you again!


What an amazing week! Helene was a great sailing for our family trip to celebrate many things…special birthdays, anniversary, college graduation and more! Special thanks to Andres and Kate for making the week extra special-professional, capable and personal toucher were in everything they did for us all week. Thanks for a special memory!


Dear Daphne, Nikos and Kostas, We shall always remember our wonderful stay in Greece and the warm welcome and hospitality you offered us. We hope to return one day to get to know more of your fascinating country. Thanks for making these holidays unforgettable!!! Muchas Gracias por todo!

Mr. Adrot and Friends chartered Serenity

A fantastic way to discover Greece, its wonders and flavors from the Regatta of the Catamarans Cup to Poros, the scooter ride in Spetses, dinner at Moustaki's friend place, temple of Aphaia in Aegina, and the fantastic food, you both made our week an experience of a lifetime. Congratulations on meeting all our expectations with extra of the water ski session. Thanks for the memories, loved every moment! –Laurent, Pascal, Sadrine, Fridiric, Sabine, Bertrand, Nadege, Muriel, Shristophe, David

Mr. Schmitz and Friends chartered Mythos II

Andy and Jessica, Thank you for one of the most incredible experiences of a lifetime. The places you took us were truly amazing. You guys are a perfect team and excellent at what you do. So many unique memories have been shared including sunset bar, pioneering the rough seas and the legend known as Byron. The sincerity and gentleness were obvious from the beginning of the charter. We enjoyed many great laughs and wonderful conversations. I can honestly say this is a trip I will never forget and will one day share with our kids. I truly do consider both of you friends and know that you are always welcome in our hometown. Good luck with everything and I wish you two nothing but the best. Take Care, Steffen
To my dearest Andy and Jessica,From beginning to end there was no experience that was better than this.
Andy, your stories and personality were top notch. There was no task that was too complicated for you to undertake. You made the sailor life look so easy. I've never met a person with such a diverse background yet relatable on every level. Your confidence and love for life is extraordinary.
Jessica, at first it was impossible to figure out your age. Your poise and grace made this trip unimaginable in comfort. Your cuisine was like a European Bistro in one. You are so humble and beyond your years on many different levels. Thank you both again for the light-hearted jokes and showing us the life as it is lived on the Aegean Sea. Cheers! Yamas! And much love! Until next time, Mel
Andy and Jessica, I truly appreciate everything you've done for us on this amazing vacation! We've has a great time and are completely satisfied with the food, ambiance, company and warm spirits. If you ever come to the States, please look us up. Please consider me as family! Much love from your brother from another mother! –Casey
Andy and Jessica, You two are amazing at what you do and complement each other so well. We felt safe, taken care of, and honored to be in your company. From the moment we met in the marina, you greeted us with such a warm welcome. Not only did you bring professionalism, but sincerity in everything you did. Thank you for showing us some places dear to you, and introducing us to Greece with such love. We've created memories of a lifetime, and have every intention of coming back. What a special trip. I will think of you when I see a rare rainbow, play the card game you taught us, make your French mayonnaise, or have a quiet moment by the sea. Thank you very much for your hospitality and friendship. We'd love it if you could make it to our wedding, but regardless, let's touch base from time to time. Love, Alicia

Mr. Henskens and Friends chartered Efi

Thank you for all your positive energy and showing us all this awesome islands! Much love, Francis & Ingrid, Greeting from Belgium, Antwerp!
Great weather, nice boat, super waterski and the Crew made it complete! Asteud & Steven
EFI is a delicious cake and the Crew is the cream on the cake!!! Thanks!! –Jerry & Consuela, Knokke –Belgium
It was nice to be on board as a guest. Great food, crew, weather and great islands! Thanks for everything! –Charlotte & Thomas

Mr. Joss and Friends chartered Moya

Panos, Alex, Daphne,
What a trip! You three have been an amazing Crew –the place you took us to, the sights we saw, the people we met, the experiences we had have made this a trip of a lifetime! Thank you for taking good care of us. Alex, we can't say enough good things about your cooking –you are an incredible chef! Daphne, your service was terrific –always there taking care of us. And Panos, how you managed to make every day better than the one before, we still can't quite figure out. Thank you, thank you!!! With love and gratitude, Paul & Laura, Elaine & Steve, Jon & Allison, Scott and Lisa

The Hoffman couple and Friends chartered Serenity

Where do I begin to write the praises of a trip of a lifetime? My husband and I are celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary on the Serenity!! It has been a magical week sailing through beautiful islands in the Cyclades of Greece... Milos, Kimolos, Poliaigos, Serifos and Kythnos... Turquoise waters, rugged limestone rock, quaint villages, breathtaking coves... all of which can only be experienced from this beautiful Catamaran. The most heartfelt part of our trip is sharing it with not only each other but with our best friends for life... Gary, Sonya, Tio and Faith. The icing on the cake is the SUPERB hospitality and generosity of Spiros (our handsome Captain) and Xenia (our beautiful hostess). Spiros, thank you for the perfect itinerary you planned for us and Xenia, thank you for spoiling us with your delicious food. You have made this a trip of "Love" on so many levels. Xoxo –Jody and Arthur
There are many things that were memorable on this voyage of sea, wind and friendship. Sitting at the dining table I have to start with the delectable meals that just kept coming from the ship's galley kitchen, each presented beautifully –a fest for all the senses. Sometimes the smell of the cooking alone would a cause a frenzy. Xenia's attention to detail and our comfort overall made her our hostess with the most-ess. The choice of route, handling of the yacht, ability to find the perfect port, cove and cave speak to Spiros' commitment to excellence and his passenger's comfort and concerns. The Serenity herself is part of the joy that is this vacation –in boater's parlance she is surely "yar". In any other parlance she is a beautiful, comfortable, fun ship. The Greek Islands charmed us, Xenia catered to us, Spiros guided us, Serenity calmed us and we added the bonds of friendship for a wonderful cruise and experience. Thanks so much for a great week. –Faith and Tio
Spiros and Xenia, I honestly doesn't think I can find words to truly express what a wonderful, fantastic trip we had this week with you and this amazing Catamaran. You were both wonderful host and hostess. Spiros, I thank you for your great itinerary for us. We are so happy we went with your suggestions. The islands we went to were the best and I would not have changed anything. And Xenia, our meals were wonderful. Coming from SF, we have some of the best restaurants around and your meals were right up there with the best. We are already planning to refer this trip to two groups of friends. And we want to experience another Greek Island trip with the two of you. And of course this fabulous, top of the line catamaran. Thank you again for everything!! Come visit us in California if your travels ever bring you our way. Until next time... Love, Sonya
Spiros and Xenia, this was truly and unforgettable experience. All the sights, sounds and smells (of Xenia's delicious cooking) would have been enough, but having the both of you guide us, and to pamper us was more than I could have hoped for. The care you both took of Serenity was matched only by the care and loving you showed us. Everything was terrific and I can't wait to share the photos and the stories with family and friends. We also will be dreaming about our next trip with you! I hope if you ever visit San Francisco that you will get in touch for some sailing on the boy! Cheers! –Gary

Idea! participated in Ms. Shelby's flotilla

Dear Alex and Konstantina,
Thank you both so much for taking on the care of the "Command Vessel" for our fleet of 5 catamarans causing a bunch of crazy swimmers from the US. Although the winds kicked up during our final 3 days, securing in a long, bumpy ride home, we appreciated your flexibility in getting us down to Santorini, with refreshing swim stops and visits to other beautiful islands and villages along the way. It was particularly enjoyable experiencing Konstantina's Greek cuisine which really rounded out our entire experience. I am also walking away armed with the knowledge and input you provided to plan a return visit –there is so much to see!!! All the best and wishing you plenty of smooth sailing ahead! –Paula, San Diego, CA, USA

Mr. Ducrest and Friends Chartered Moya

Dear Alex, Daphne and Panos,
Efharisto para poli for an unforgettable week! We had the most amazing time with you and enjoyed so so much visiting your beautiful Greek Islands! Thank you for your kindness, professionalism, delicious cooking, impressive fishing skills, for your happy mood and smiles every day. You took really good care of us and we will always remember our cruise on the Moya. We will miss the Greek food, the clear waters and the freedom feeling of being on the boat. Let us know if you ever come to Switzerland, we would love to show you around! Take care and all the best for the future! xxx from the Swiss Crew –Jacques, Pierre-Olivier, David, Ceoric, Mario, Johann, Stephane, Alex