Time passes on a leisure pace, Of mankind, we see barely a trace, Natural beauty that surrounds, Wind and water that bounds, Gentle kisses from the sun’s warm rays, Family together for sweet days
Vacation to sooth the body and soul, Giving us strength, making us whole, Thanks to Xenia for her graceful touch, Warm smiles and cousin we love so much, And Spyros led us to the bays so blue, To enjoy a swim and visit villages, too, Georgia kept us clean and neat                                                                                Served cool drinks in the summer heat, A wonderful holiday on the Aegean Sea, With a dream team on the Serenity, THANK YOU FOR A WONDERFUL EXPERIENCE!!!


As we first spring on the boat, we felt the good welcoming vibes. As the days passed, we’ve proven ourselves more difficult, a good sort of difficult, but still. And the crew have proven themselves more professional, caring understanding and versatile. Everyone is a personality on its own, but together, the Meliti has been the closest experience to a womb.
Thanks so much!


Thank you so much for the most incredible holiday EVER!! You guys have been so helpful and nothing is ever too much trouble for you. Thank you Captain Costas for the awesome biscuit rides and managing to get us off, (it can be a hard task ?). Thank you Akis for the absolutely amazing food, you are an incredible chef and you are going to make it very hard for me to go home and adopt to my own cooking again ☹. Lastly thank you Dina for he countless cocktails and lots of laughs, you have been so much fun and really spoiled us. This has been a trip I’ll never forget! – Also thank you all for making such an ideal holiday for us. It can’t be easy with a noisy family of 5 kids ranging between 7 and 20, but you were all amazing. Captain Costas, you are very knowledgeable about the best places to go, you took us out every day on the biscuit and even caught an octopus to show us! Sotiris, your cooking is fantastic- we all agreed it was better than any restaurant we tried! Thank you for letting Louis & Olivia run among in the kitchen, they loved being able to ‘’help ‘’ you. And of course, many thanks to the wonderful Dina- you are brilliant hostess, nothing is ever too much trouble. You were so patient with Louis and Olivia, playing endless round of UNO, bring cocktails and mocktails for everyone and even attempting to teach me to do a knot!! (still working on this one ?) Anyway we do a lot of travelling together as a family and we all agreed this was the best ever family trip we’ve been on – so thank you all for making it so memorable – we hope to be back!! Love, light and peace
Thanks to Dina and Costas for making the kids get off their electronics/ out of their rooms!


Dear Alexey, Alexander and Anna
We embarked on Sea Bliss on 16 June 2018, a day after Russia defeated Saudi Arabia 5-0 at the opening game of the world cup in Moscow and YOU and YOUR CATAMARAN defeated all other crews & boats out there in the sea. It is our first time as a family to go on a trip like this and we must say we probably will never experience anything like it. It was a special journey with memorable times from the food, scenery, waves, sun and even failed attempts at water skiing. Thank you for showing us the beauty of the Adriatic islands. We hope you visit us in Saudi Arabia and let us show you the beauty of the Arabian desert, dunes, palm trees and stars. With love



This has been one of the most memorable experiences of our lives. The food was so lovingly made by Mina and tasted delicious! Alex provided a safe journey to many magnificent islands. We loved enjoying the water toys which gave us lots to giggle about. Thank you so for everything. <3


Thank you for such a fabulous trip it was truly the vacation of a lifetime! We loved the islands and we were blessed with great weather and huge amount of fun! Every part of the trip and crew were fabulous – what a team! I have so man highlights and good memories from this holiday in Greece! All of the crew were amazing and hardworking! This was the first time in Greece and I would love to come back! Greece is such a beautiful country! Alex the food was amazing- Every meal was different and delicious! Captain always ensured we reached our destination safely and was very kind and helpful! Despina – she was amazing! She was very helpful- always bringing me a cappuccino and making me many cocktails! Tasos Eyy Ben! Absolutely hilarious! Life and soul of the boat always with a smile on his face Thank you so much again!


Pharia was a wonderful and charming experience! We enjoyed very much the hospitality and company of the crew! Skippering was extraordinary smooth and cooking simply delicious! We hope to return on this boat and with this great crew! It was in many ways a trip like Greek poem! Best charter ever…Wonderfully kind, efficient and discreet crew! Hope to be back on board!


Dear super meliti crew, we had the best time with you all. We enjoyed so much your cooking Gregoria, all your traditional recipes were divine. Nicolas with his patience and kindness with all our little kids made on their time on the boat so special. Mariana thank you so much for the lovely birthday cake for Yotam, it was so nice of you to put the effort. We are waiting to meet you all in Tel-Aviv. We might change the boat or the destination, but we love to keep you as our crew <3


What a magical trip! You are not only the consummate captain and hostess, respectfully but also, you are truly wonderful people. Our team of 10, for the second summer in a row, enjoyed your guidance insight, kindness and good humor. Sailing with you is sailing with family though you are for more hospitable. With much love respect and admiration!


This was the most amazing week of my entire life. This was an unforgettable trip. Captain Costas was so nice and helpful and he is an amazing captain. He always made sure the guests and the boat was safe & he took us to the most amazing/ beautiful places. I wouldn’t have asked for a different schedule than the one he gave us. He also docked the boat in the BEST places. Dina is the most wonderful woman ever. She is so kind, generous, helpful and funny (she has the best laugh). She walked around Hydra with me and my sisters and we had the most amazing time. She is great with kids and I feel so comfortable around her. Ans as for Sotiris, he is the most amazing chef EVER. I have never been so well fed in my entire life. He is also very kind. He allowed my sisters and I to make smoothies in the kitchen with Dina (which was also very fun). I will never forget the meals he made for my family. I am so sad to leave the boat but I know that I will definitely try and come back. I thank them for everything! Goodbye <3