Istion Luxury Yachts

Nick & Ashton chartered Mythos II

Jessica and Andy,
We can't express how thankful we are to have spent our days in Greece with you wishing you all the best in what's to come, with the construction of your Catamaran and maybe adventures in Asia. Remember that if your red wine spoils add chocolate tequila and break out the cards! Lots of love, Nick & Ashton Bridges, Santa Monica, CA, USA

The Van Wagensveld Family chartered Mimosa

Let's start with a big thank you to both Tassos and Gregoria. We safely sailed to the different islands in this beautiful boat. The Dodecanese was shown to us in a great way. If we ever go chartering again we know who to call! –Karin, Paul, Luc, Lilian and Mathieu
PS. Next time we will bring our TRX and inflatable dolphin

Mr. Verlingue and Friends chartered Shooting Star

To sail with the best crew across the Cyclades Islands! What to say regarding Costas? Best captain, best isles, calm and efficient. And Dora, she never forgot the Rosé time and took such great care of us! Just one recommendation: have fourteen-day-weeks on board Shooting Star. –Zaza, Marie, Jacques, Jean Paul, Hex

Mr. Hedge and Friends chartered Malena

Peter and Malena, A great trip and a wonderful experience. Beautiful area and a great host and captain!
Peter –you took such great care of us on Malena. Katerina's cooking was wonderful all the ladies appreciated not having to plan, shop, cook or clean up in the kitchen, now that's a vacation!! Sailing mercies to you –Lee and Karen
Thanks very much for our great cruise, Peter. Yes, the ladies had a most enjoyable vacation. Katerina took perfect care of the gals! The guys also were treated to your skillful boat handling. I know they were relieved to have you do all the med mooring and choosing of the ports! A most marvelous cruise of the Ionian. Thanks again, Mike and Lee

Mr. Weiss chartered Callisto

Despite our plans to return in 2016 we were lucky to make it earlier for another week here on "Callisto". Many thanks Argiris, Dina, Mihran and George for the wonderful time here again with you on board. Looking forward to next June. Take care, Karl and Christoph

Mr. Gaudette and Friends chartered Buena Suerte

George and Alex, This has been my 21st chartered Catamaran boat. I have visited Greece prior in 2012 and once again I feel I have had a wonderful exciting experience. The Buena Suerte is was well equipped, well cared for and I felt special and well treated. The food was terrific, our wine and spirits were terrific and George was a very experiences skipper. Please know I enjoyed this experience and trip and thank you George and Alex for a wonderful time. Love, Carlene
George and Alexandra, I have spent 50 years of my life racing and cruising sailboats all over the world. I was a sailmaker and professional sailboat racer for much of that time. I can say I have never felt more comfortable and safer than the week I have spent with you on Buena Suerte. The weather did not always cooperate but the Captain, George only cared for our safety and well-being. Both George and Alex were wonderful to share our trip with and provided a wealth of knowledge about Greece and the Greek Islands. The boat is very well equipped, well maintained and was clean and well prepared for our trip. The provisioning was well planned and Alex did everything is her power to provide excellent meals and meet our needs. The only thing that could have been better would require "mother nature" to offer a bit better weather but we know we can't control mother nature. I would recommend a vacation on Buena Suerte with George and Alex to anyone!!! Smooth Sailing... -Jim
Dear George and Alex, Thank you both for the wonderful week. George... you are an amazing Captain. You have a calm and quiet demeanor. Thank you for always watching out for our safety. It felt good to know you were always watching out for us. I think you have found your calling, you are a natural at helping people to really enjoy their holiday. Alex... you a gem. You so kind and loving and so easy to be with. Your meals were spectacular and we always felt very happy. It was a pleasure to spend time with both of you. We wish you all the best and hope to meet up with both of you sometime in our future. Love and best wishes, Steve and Patty. YAMAS!

Mr. Zlatinov and his Family chartered Serenity

Spiros and Xenia, We has an amazing experience with the catamaran "Serenity" during these few days. Our group was very diverse –by age and interests –from Anna Maria 1 year old and Ivan 5 to the oldest Ivan 58. This greatly complicated your task. You have done it perfectly. Nothing we missed the boat! You were precise and friendly to all of us, especially to children. These days will be unforgettable from them. Thank you for everything! We wish you health and a lot of successful voyages! –Anna Maria, Ilta, Ani, Ivan, Tsvety, Ivan, Maria, Pavel, Stoyan

Mr. Palumbo and Friends chartered Moya

Dear Panos, Alex and Daphne, Special moments demand not only special places but persons who make it happen. We found all of this in our very special sever days that you were responsible. I am writing for all of us and we had our best vacation of our lives. You all receive from us a special hug and keep our best feeling from our hearts. Best Regards, Jorge, Flavia, Anderson, Giovanna, Dalton, Karin, Marcelo and Ana

Ms. Watson and Friends chartered Idea!

Alex and Konstantina, What a wonderful week we have had with you! You made everything special. Out meals were so delicious and unique to Greece. We loved that. And all your great advise of where to go and what to do. And helping us get transportation. And for maneuvering this boat in and out of every port, slip and pier. We felt safe at all time! Thank you so much and God bless you both! –Kim and Randy
PS. Alex thank you for letting me drive the boat especially through the narrow channels. Konstantina your ouzo milkshakes are the best –Randy
Thank you for making our vacation so wonderful. Great food and travel. First time in the islands and loved every minute. You two made our trip! –Chris and Kelly
Alex and Konstantina, Efharisto –everything was wonderful!!! –Merry
Alex and Konstantina, You both have made our trip especially nice. Thank you for showing us the island, preparing wonderful meals and most importantly putting up with our Crew! This has been a trip we'll always remember. Thanks so much! –Heidi and Brian, Denver, Colorado

Mr. Piper and Friends chartered Helene

Sebastiano, Kate and Helene,
Thank you so very much for a wonderful holiday. We have had an "Ab Fab" time. You have looked after us and our guests so wonderfully. Sebastiano has always provided fantastic sailing and even found us the best beach bar ever. Kate your food has been delicious and you clicked with our quirky humor. You have been great fun. Once again thank you so much (to quote Kate) for the best holiday we have ever had! –Lesley and John xxx