Paolo and Friends chartered HELENE

Thank you for a wonderful week and  for masterful skippering. Thank you hostess for caring for our taste buds! And thank you HELENE for keeping us safe and warm.
Many thanks to Kate and Sebastiano for these wonderful ten days through the marvelous islands, sailing and enjoying everything. Thanks to HELENE as well and hopefully I will be back soon!
What a wonderful holiday! Thanks! 

Carlo and Friends chartered Malena

Dear crew, thank you so much for this wonderful week in South Ionian Islands. Everything was perfectly organized and impressed about captains safe control on his beautiful (maintained with love!) 52'', even with sharp wind it seems he's parking a Fiat 500 in port! Have a wonderful summer !

David and Family chartered Project Steel!

We cannot thank you enough for the best week ever, amazing food, beautiful Islands and perfect service. We will miss all of you, thanks for priceless memories!

Patrick and Friends chartered Mythos

Dear crew, What a great and wonderful experience! The locations we visited, swimming in the deep blue, being hoisted up the mast (what a view!), the little bays, all fantastic. But besides all this, your flexibility in accommodating our wishes, teaching us how to sail, teaching our kids to "sail the dingy", generally your hospitality, it was epic! Thanks a million! 

Alice chartered Nova !

Thank you all for this amazing cruise. It's been 10 amazing days again. Can't wait to come back next year! Ps. Don't forget the recipe of the moussaka!

Gustav and Friends chartered Serenity

Dear crew, Many thanks for making this holiday an unforgettable experience for both of us and every single person on the Serenity boat! Also, many many thanks for all your hard work and delicious food that was very much appreciated! Lots of love!

Richard and Friends chartered Moya!

Thank you all so much for a wonderful holiday. You have all been so kind, polite and professional. Captain you know Greece! You have taken us to the most stunning places, hidden away in tiny bays. It has been a very special trip. The cooking was fantastic! Please come home with us. Thank you again!

Mohamad and Friends chartered Project Steel

Once again the crew of Project Steel has made our trip more than wonderful. We look forward for more wonderful trips with the same crew in the future!

Stefano and Family chartered Mythos!

The week spent was beautiful and was a new experience that we enjoyed really much. Hostess's cuisine was good and healthy and has been able to prepare also complicated dishes in a small kitchen. Captain was friendly and professional. See you soon!

Calvin and Friends chartered Serenity

Thank you so much for the amazing trip. We couldn't have asked for a better skipper and hostess. Cooking is phenomenal! We loved everything. Captain–thank you for taking us to beautiful islands and blowing up our water blob! Thank you both for the trip of a lifetime! We hope to see you I New York so we can continue the party!