Captain, thank you for taking us on an amazing adventure! Thank you for your knowledgefor sharing and telling us about your culture and your people!
About Chef thanks for sharing with us your passion for cookin, we truly coulfdappreciate how you enjoy your job and we feel lucky we got to tste your amazing food! Thank you for always having a smaile for all of us!
Stewardess you are amazing!! Your disposition to make us feel like home and totally spoiled made this trip even more special. We hope to continue to travel the world !!! Thanks to all Serenity crew and to Croatia!!


Dear Crew,
This was my first time on a yacht and will always be the most memorable!
Stewardess in specific was an amazing help and took very good care of me and my family!
Captain made going to the beached so much more fun, I loved the sup and especially the tube rides! The chef made amazing food and always satisfied our food needs! Overall I could not have had a better vacation and more importantly a better crew , Love


Dear George, Bjorn, Elena & Elizabeth,
We want to thank you all so much for a wonderful holiday. Everything was perfect. Bjorn you were an expert at keeping us away from the stormy winds and making lots of drone movies. George you made us do lots of wonderful activities when were sometimes crazy sometimes very fun. Elena your delicious cooking was amazing every day and totally delicious. Eli (zabeth) you never stopped smiling and never stopped asking if there was anything we needed. We loved every minute of our holiday and enjoyed hearing all about your lives too. Thank you all so much for the wonderful memories.


Dear Katerina, Nikolas, our Chef and Captain,
A "Honeymoon" is unique in a lifetime you both made it even more unique, day after day. You made us discover the romantical part of Greece. I was amazed by your professional skills, your knowledge about every and any single details are the boat. I loved listening to you, I've learned a lot, also about your country and all the islands you made us discover. Thanks to your warm and smily character you have created on our honeymoon boat a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. Katerina, you put all your heart and soul when you prepare our meals. Even the Perrier water was better, because it was served with your smile. You made us discover the Greek side, your talent made our trip daily unique. YOur smile and heart is a part ofyour recipes that's why every simple meal was so perfectly delightful. YOu both have reunited the very best of your talents. Our trip will remain engraved in our heart!
Sincere & Warmest regards

Our Honey Moon was perfect and we will remember this trip forever <3
You are an amazing and professional Team with a Big Heart! Take care of you! Wish you all the success and Happiness you deserve!
Warmest Regards


The marvelous Moya! Thank you to each one: Captain Thanos, Chef Terry and hostess Marianna. We could not have been treated better, an endless flow of cocktails, more delicious food than we could eat and always the best morning at the bays!
Thank you for making it a genial week. Moya has our congratulations and will always be remembered!


Marianna, Thanos, Terry-what an amazing team! Our family had an amazing time thanks to your incredible hospitality. MOYA was an ideal platform to give us a first (not last) taste of the splendors and comfort of those amazing places. Truly grateful for your professionalism and all your help through the week!


One of the best week of our life and definitely THE BEST CREW EVER
THANK YOU Giannis & Anas to look us 24/7 always with smile
THANK YOU Nicole, Paulina & Victoria to make us feel so comfortable at any time always with smile and kindness
We'll never forget this moment

P.S I hope I can do it again with you guys in Greece or somewhere else. I found family <3 I will miss you sooo much! Love you all

Thanks to all this wonderful crew, we couldn't expect best, you made our trip amazing, always with the smile, kindness, craziness and professionalism.

Giannis, Anas, Nicole, Victoria, Paulina we're gonna miss you, wish them with be a next trip all together!

What a week! What a crew! Thank you for thisbeautiful moments! You make it real! You rock!

Unforgetable week...the best crew, so sweet, caring of kind.
So much love to you all and thank you for making our week the highlight of our summer. Wish you all the best!


Dear Vangelis, Dionisis & Dimitra,
We have all had a great time on the MARY for the past week with you guys as our crew!
Dimitra, we LOVE your food!! Gyros is my favourite! And we love your cocktails with sprinkles.
And Thank you Captain for keeping us safe!!
Thank you Vangelis for giving us good food suggestions and advice and for always making sure we were safe. I had fun driving the boat today!
This has been an amazing experience so many thanks, we will miss you! Service has been great!

To Captain Dionysis, Dimitra & Vangelis

Just a note to thank you for looking after us all so well this week, we have had a wonderful time. It has been a great introduction to sailing although I know Adrian would prefer sail!! We have loved visiting all the small islands & eating Dimitra's wonderful food. Thank you for taking care of us all.


Dear Daiquiri, we spend amazing 7 days around the beautiful Greece Islands. Our favourite dish: 2nd day fish and the lamb from the oven! The milk cake!
Our compliments: To the Captain, Evan, perfectly route planning
To the Cook, Dimitris, call us when you are in Germany
To Chrissa: attentive,tidy, smile on boat
To Bill: a.k.a Vasily cutiepie, the cutest even though we didn't catch a fish
In general we can say, we spent relaxing, amazing days thanks to this amazing crew <3


Dearest Yannis a.k.a Eyaaaniiii!! & Elenea,
This bounding experience has been the BEST! We are forever grateful for your hospitality in making this a TRIP of a LIFETIME! So many highlights for us, where do we begin?! Some peaks for us include:
-Elena's food!! (+desserts) : D
-Sailing into the sunset
-The secret cave on Moni island
-Wake boarding + THE NANI
-Partying at Cielo en cafe in Poros
-Jumping off the boat + backflips
-Appointing the PARTY Director daily
-The BEACH Club at Mandraki Resort (!Insider tip! Get the "from Hydra with love" beverage
-Learning some Greek "Efharisto" etc..
-Unbelievable pics that make all our friends jealous
-Late night chats in the Captain's nest with Yanni
-Adventuring, hiking+snorkeling+seeing an octopus
-Meeting chee to the cat
We can't even name all the wonderful things because this trip was EPIC! Thank you for the memories. Sending all our love from the USA