Istion Luxury Yachts


Where to start… What a tremendous gift you have given us, so first of all, thank you!!! You have truly fulfilled the dreams of a trip to the Greek islands. Larry has wanted to take the family on this trip for a long, long time. When our Guy passed away, it took us a long time to heal and recover some of our dreams, so we are so blessed to be able to come on this amazing trip. Your genuine hospitality, kindness, patience, caring and passion for this trip and sailing in general was truly appreciated. First of all, despite the strange May winds it was still an unforgettable trip! You made a great recommendation to us and great sailing in between. The boat is simply gorgeous and very functional. The cabins were all so comfortable!! What can I say about Xenia s food… IT WAS PERFECT!! Every meal was better than last. Whether breakfast, lunch or dinner we absolutely loved the food at every meal. It was far better than any restaurant in Athens between flavors quality and everything!! We are taking home a beautiful food album and tons of phenomenal memories of the great meals. We can’t thank you enough for everything you did to make this trip so special!!! It will be memories of a lifetime!


Dear crew
Thank you so much for taking us on this amazing adventure. You did a great job being in a group of silly Americans. The food was amazing and each day we went to unbelievable places– not only that but we also managed to go to a ton of islands. Your lives on the Aegean Sea look magical and we hope you get to host many more adventures!! We will miss the food! And will meet again next year!! Thank you for everything! <3


What a magical trip! You are not only the consummate captain and hostess, respectfully but also, you are truly wonderful people. Our team of 10, for the second summer in a row, enjoyed your guidance insight, kindness and good humor. Sailing with you is sailing with family though you are for more hospitable. With much love respect and admiration!



To my friends, Petros, Manolis, Maria, Jose, it was very nice spent time with you, you are fantastic persons very professional and friendly! I love you and I hope to see you soon! The boat was very good, comfortably and our navigation was always safe and nice. Really you are the best, I miss you already!


This was our first trip to Greece and because of you, we did it the best way possible. Thank you for the magnificent itinerary (Seriphos, Milos, Syros, Paros, Kea). The Milos Caves were a highlight, and the pouring rain in Syros during our hike to the top of the hill. Epic! Thanos is truly a superhero (Dock man!) Only a superhero would think of giving a jet lagged 6-year-old the helm to keep him awake. Pulling into dock under Poseidon’s Temple lit up on the hill the first night was amazing! This was truly an amazing trip. We hope to come back for another round of amazing islands! And some more incredible food prepared by a maestro!
Many thanks!
The French Family!


Sea Bliss gave us an amazing week. We felt in paradise!! We had so much fun, laughs, great moments and trips thanks to the best crew in the world. Thanks for everything, we will NEVER forget these incredible days on board. We are going to miss you and this beautiful country so much.
Was a very beautiful trip, with a great crew and very cozy boat, has been a wonderful week with my family. The best for the crew, a great team.


We had an amazing week discovering the Ionian Seas. Through stormy days and excellent sailing weather, Andreas and Mary always kept it safe, friendly and professional.
Thank you Mary for the extra protein meals and wonderful cooking. Andreas for his patience is sharing and teaching our newly acquired sailing skills; figure 8 knot, anchoring, zodiac…
A big thank you for helping Oliver get on his skills for the first time. We sadly say goodbye for now but we will surely be back for our next sailing adventure ?‘’Sea’’ you later


Thank you for an incredible adventure on this beautiful boat! We could not have asked for a better crew, wind, waves, sun, water, food, drinks, etc.… An unforgettable trip for Joanne and I, our kids and my parents! Happiness, thank you for your amazing food and introducing us to new Greek flavors! Kostas, thank you for your reassuring skills, taking us to beautiful places and making us enjoy the meltemi!
Thank you for this unique memory!


You two are amazing!!! You made our first sailing adventure a wonderful experience and something we’ll remember forever.
Thanos - your captaining of our home away from a home was great and you always made sure all was safe, and fun for everyone. We loved not really having a plan and deciding each day where to go made an adventure carefree. You said yes to everything we wanted to do and made us feel well taken care of.
Elena - your cooking was world-class! Really!! We can’t say enough about how our family meals prepared by you each day was such a centerpiece of our trip. It will be hard to finish our vacation and enjoy regular restaurant food now.
To you both -thank you for being great people and making our family yours for our week together!


These two weeks sailing adventure in the Cyclades was one of the highlights of our travels for all time. The comfort of the shooting star – but most importantly the expertise, caring and concern of the crew – especially her wonderful cooking was beyond all expectations. We shall miss you both!
Tom said it all - we loved every minute of our ‘’Aegean Dream’’. Richard – on second thought, perhaps he can add that the comfort of our journey in the lovely boat, Shooting Star, was all the more enjoyable because of the enthusiastic, caring and good spirited attitude of the crew, whose company we enjoyed very much. We felt truly fortunate to be in their care.