Gavin chartered Moya!

Dear crew, Thank you all very much for a fabulous vacation!!! Thank you so very much for making our 15th wedding anniversary the most special ever. Captain–think of us on Thursdays! Chef –your culinary sense and skills are incredible –thank you for allowing me to hover over you... you work SO hard!  Hope you will come see us in the States –you all have an open invitation!

Rodolfo chartered Project Steel

For all the Crew of Project Steel, We had the best moment in our lives!!! Thanks to everyone in special way, thanks for also a good humor and to be so kind with my kids, all of them love all of you!!! We expect to have another trip with this fantastic crew! Thanks again, we hope to see all of you soon. Gracias

Daniela and Friends chartered Mythos

We just spent 1 week in this beautiful boat, Mythos. We just want to thank you for taking care of us. Hostess was so kind and good at doing braids! Captain took us to a lot of beautiful places, beaches and villages. It was so funny sailing with you. We will keep in out memory the beautiful time spent with you. We hope that our destiny will give us a chance to meet each other again. Do not forget us!

Lara chartered Moya!

Our 10 days has been filled with laughter and experiences that life-long memories are made of.  best cook in Greece ! we go home with many new ideas. We go home "fill to the brim" of Santorini's winds. Captain–we leave you safe and sound after windy passages and thrilled at the thought of more secret coves. Indeed you are a talented sea man! Moya, you have been safe, fast and never stopped making us happy. Thank you for the most wonderful Greek experience!

Pantelis chartered Project Steel!

Dear Crew of Project Steel: Thank you so much for the amazing trip. My first trip in Greece was spectacular, because of you guys. I had so much fun with you all. You all have to come back to New York and visit. We will all miss you guys so much. PLEASE come to New York and visit us. I love you all. Xoxo 

Giampaolo and Friends chartered Mythos

I see this book and I have to write/express in few words how this holiday went... what I would really want to write is what this trip meant to me. Unfortunately I am running out of time and paper... This was, most probably, the best and most interesting trip of my life. Mykonos, Ios, Paros, 1 week! Anybody who really wants to visit these places can, but is how you visit a place that helps the memory stay there. And if you want to achieve this, you have to sail. Sailing overnight and sleeping under the stars, travel with dolphins and even having breakfast with a big sea turtle smiling at you. Now, yes, you can probably say that we got lucky, very lucky actually, but I forgot to mention (left it intentionally for the end) who guided us, served us, treated us like princes and helped us to find really ourselves... Captain and hostess. Yes, I think we are going back to London with 2 more important people in our hearts. Me and my girlfriend spent days and almost every night with them, we spoke about any topic, we drunk together, we laughed even more together, we explored new places, but what we (me and my girlfriend) really did, we listened to their stores, to their adventures and we learned and got inspired...! We got lucky, very lucky yes... we found 2 really good MATES, NICE LADS, and we think we love them... so we will be back next year.

Chris and Friends chartered Moya

Thank you for such a memorable trip to the Beautiful Greek Islands! Captain you showed us a wonderful sample of your country, without a worry!  you keep Moya in magical condition and fed us an authentic taste of Greece! Thank you all for the best trip of our lives... with our best friends! Yamas!! 

Kathryn chartered Project Steel

Dear crew!! Thank you for making our trip to the Greek Islands (Kea, Kythnos, Delos, Mykonos, Poros) so incredibly memorable... you are the nicest people and make us feel so special. We will not forget these last 5 days or you! Hope we can go yachting with you again... Thank you Project Steel! Best family vacation ever!!! The islands, the water sports, the food and all the iced coffers!!! 

Jacqui and Friends chartered Serenity

The first thing I can say about the two of you is you guys are incredible!
Chef you are such a sensitive, caring and wonderful person. You took such good care of my children. You have an incredible heart and a lovely personality. I wish I could be half the person you are. My family and I will miss you so much. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!
Spiros you commandeer this boat so amazing, rough seas and everything. We had so much fun doing the water sports with you, YOU ARE AN AMAZING CAPTAIN.
The patience is much appreciated. An incredible experience for those of sailing for the first time! Thanks!

William chartered Idea!

Thank you  for a great 2 weeks. The seamanship and cuisine were superb. Highlights for us were the mooring in Hydra, the rescue of the anchor, infact of many onlookers, the amazing cuisine and Konstantina's eternal smile. Other great successes enjoyed by the children were the doughnut, kayak, clear waters and the never ending sunsets. Recommended visits the Hot Springs in Oia, Little Venice in Mykonos and my favorite plane wreck at Iraklia. 
Speedy skipper Alex smiled and charmed us thrcaptains  very experiences skills of a young sea dog. In addition, Hostess smiled 99.95% of the time and did ALL that was asked of her and more with very useful on shore advice. We loved the Greek food –a wonderful introduction to Greece and the Cyclades. A very balanced trip, tasting the culture and offerings of many islands –everlasting memories of diversity (the steep narrow streets and steps, sheltered by freshly painted white walls, blue painted wood and decorative red geraniums and vines. A HUGE THANK YOU to the crew/team of Idea! BRAVO!