True Natural Beauty

The Dodecanese islands offer a unique mixture of ancient and modern history in a truly beautiful natural environment, perfect for a private sailing trip tailored to each individual's personal taste.

Located on the southeastern edge of the Aegean near the coast of Asia, the Dodecanese is the bridge between Europe and the East comprising of twelve large islands (hence its name: 'dodeca' meaning twelve) The climate of the Dodecanese ranges from temperate to dry tropical, with lots of sunlight and an extended dry summer period.

Quite predictably, the islands of the Dodecanese have crystal clear waters and offer visitors a huge choice choice of sandy or pebbly beaches. Waiting to be discovered are important archaeological finds, byzantine and medieval monuments as well as unique traditional settlements. Leros or Pserimos are quiter, unspoiled destinations for those seeking relaxation, but if you are in need of a more cosmopolitan holiday, Rhodes and Kos will surely fulfil your wildest fantasies with their hyper-active nightlife!

Living history in Rhodes

People from many different nations and cultures have passed through Dodecanese including the Ionians, the Dorians, the Romans, the Byzantines, the Venetians, the Turks and the Italians!

Nowhere is this extended history more apparent than the island of Rhodes, an ideal blend of cosmopolitan and traditional, suitable to visitors seeking to relax as well as to those who desire action packed holidays. It has a rich history from the medieval ages, hence the wonderful enclave of Rhodes Old Town surrounded by medieval walls with seven gates, as well as the Palace of the Grand Master, the most awe- inspiring building on the whole island.

Apart from well-preserved castles, ancient monuments and remarkable buildings, visitors will also encounter sun-drenched bays, green valleys with running waters at the Rodini Park and other wonders of nature like the Seven Springs and the Valley of the Butterflies. Here you may bask on beautiful sandy beaches, play golf, go walking or cycling and of course party all night long. The only certain thing is that Rhodes will mesmerize all its visitors!

The emerald green of Kos

Kos is the third largest island of the Dodecanese and is characterised by its lush vegetation and sandy beaches with turquoise waters, as well as its ancient and medieval monuments. The medieval castle, situated at the entrance of the port, is the island's trademark.

The ancient city of Kos is ideal for lovers of history. Equally impressive are its famous squares, its legendary buildings and the impressive avenue with Palm Trees. The scenic mountain villages and forests are very attractive, but visitors should bear in mind that swimming opportunities here are limitless, as the island has numerous beautiful beaches of various sizes, colours and consistencies.

Other islands of the Dodecanese

The Dodecanese will not make it easy to choose which islands and beaches to visit! All of them are unique and ideal for diving, sunbathing and relaxation but also suitable for those who love sports such as windsurf, mountain climbing and diving.

Some islands are extremely popular worldwide, others have the charm of unexplored and virgin sceneries. Islands for everyone: families, couples, groups. So let the journey begin, discover the history, natural dreamscapes, beautiful beaches, rich cultural heritage and traditional lifestyle of Dodecanese and let them surprise you!