ST Barts - Paris on the Sea

St Barts is one of the original jet-set destinations, where celebrity meets society in a cosmopolitan crowd with all the poise, style and bikinis that this implies.

A small island less than ten square miles located north of Saint Kitts and southeast of Saint Martin. It is a French territory with a mixture of people speaking French and Creole. Saint Barthelemy is a popular tourist attraction especially for the rich and famous.

The island has an exquisite landscape of hills, valleys and mountains with numerous beaches dotting the coastline.

Experience Gustavia

Gustavia, the islands tiny, relaxed capital with its streets lined with small Creole-style houses with red roofs will welcome you for a first stopover.

This historical city can be explored in one day of trekking around town. 17th century forts line the harbor, from Fort Karl in the north to Fort Gustaf with its lighthouse and cannons in the south. Near Fort Gustaf is the popular Shell Beach, where beachcombers rove for sparkling shells, the perfect place for an iconic St Barths Instagram shot!

Warm turquoise waters

Further south, the amazing beaches of Gouverneur and Salines invite you to swim.

Warm turquoise waters encircle crescents of pure sand, and each of the island's beaches have their own charm and personality.

Late November through early January is peak sailing season and the perfect time to enjoy some sun and sand and escape the winter blues!