MEDYS 2022 - The Mecca of Yachting Excellence!
Tuesday, 31 May 2022

After a mini-pause of 2 years, and for 5 continuous days of yachting excellence, MEDYS the biggest charter yacht show in the world met with huge success reinforcing its place as the mecca of yachting in the Mediterranean.

The long awaited 7th MEDYS was introduced by Mr. Michael Skoulikidis, President of the Greek Yachting Association. Welcoming dignitaries and participants back to the event, he reflected on the evolution of the show and the growth experienced by the Greek yachting industry even during the pandemic.
In true MEDYS fashion countless of yacht enthusiasts stormed the grounds of the show to get a chance to see up-close some of the finest motoryachts & catamarans that sail across the Greek islands.

Long-awaited chefs' competition, an intrinsic and fundamental part of the event audited by two of Greece’s culinary masters, Chef Angelos Lantos with 20 years of experience as well as 2 Michelin stars on his back accompanying Chef Thanos S Stasinos who has worked in executive roles in some of Greece and Europe’s leading restaurants.

Our contenstants Chef Sotiris Bempedelis of S/cat Nova along with Chef Terry Mihael from S/cat Moya as well as the rest of the contestants were invited to create vegan dishes of their choosing with techniques and innovation worthy of being served on luxury yachts. inspired by traditional Greek meals, while still meeting the high standards of Greek and international gastronomy expected.

• Dish no.1 "Gemista": Vegetable Ratatouille & Hulled Grain Cooked in Tomato & Herbs Sauce, Homemade Tofu with Nutritional Yeast, Olive Sphere, Gremolata with Pine Nuts & Crystal Chips.⁣

• Dish no.2 "Vegan Pasticcio": Deconstructed Pasticcio with Bechamel from Colliflour and Soya Milk served with Mushroom Minced Meat.

We at Istion Yachting couldn't be happier to attend and participate in such an amazing event, a true example of a yacht fiesta and proudly reaffirm our participation for 2023! See you all then!

Thank you Greek Yachting Association! Thank you everyone for your support!