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Tuesday, 12 January 2021

Drunken Sailor is our Dufour 560, a sailing yacht available for skippered and crewed charters throughout Greece. With 3 cabins and 3 wc it is perfect for groups of up to 6 guests. A grandiose sailing beauty designed to satisfy those seeking the perfect balance of performance, style, luxury and comfort. Drunken Sailor is the newest flagship of the famous Dufour shipyard incorporating many innovative details that make all the difference between just plain sailing, and the ultimate in luxurious sailing!
Defined by its elegant beauty and its roominess both above and below deck, it has been designed to satisfy customers seeking the perfect balance of performance, style, luxury and comfort!


Here is a list of the upgrades during the 2021 Refit:

  • List of Toys: 3,10m 6hp tender, Fishing gear, Snorkeling gear, Swim platform, Deck shower, Inflatable 2-pax kayak, 2 inflatable SUPs, Floating mats

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Captain Ioannis Giannopoulos has prepared a beautiful Cyclades itinerary you should definitely consider for your next yacht charter holiday in Greece if you are a sailing enthusiast!
This itinerary is designed for one week 'sailing oriented' trip given the casual Aegean Sea weather conditions, which may differ during the season.

- Marina Agios Kosmas - Sounion (Poseidon's Temple) 20 nautical miles distance, about 3 hours of relaxed sailing parallel to Athenian coast line, perfect opportunity to familiarize with the boat, sailing feeling and enjoying the views of the ancient temple by the sea. The temple of Poseidon, the ancient Greek god of the sea, dominates the southernmost tip of Attica, where the horizon meets the Aegean Sea. Perched on the craggy rocks of Cape Sounion, the temple is enveloped in myth and historic facts dated from antiquity until the present times.


- Sounion - Kythnos (Kolona bay)
23 nm distance, with the 'meltemi' wind on our side most of the times we reach in 2,5 -3 hours to our first island destination at a unique bay connected by a stripe of land creating two sandy beaches.

Kythnos, the island of simplicity and hospitality, is a Cycladic island between Kea and Serifos that will lead you to unique Cycladic paths, to whitewashed settlements, to the beautiful villages of Hora and Dryopida and to 99 beaches that will make you quickly realize that you are on a terrestrial paradise. Under 3 hours away from the port of Piraeus and just 1 hour and 40 minutes from the port of Lavrion.  
It administratively belongs to the South Aegean region and since the 12th century it is also known as “Therma”. This name is due to the hot springs that exist up to today in the bay of Loutra.


- Kythnos - Serifos - Sifnos (20nm-30nm)
Next Cyclades islands are in 2-4 hours reach with fulfilling downwind sailing along the way. Both islands have multiple bays with sandy beaches ideal for swimming and overall water activities. A walk to the traditional Cycladic towns is a must see experience. 

Serifos is a Greek island, which belongs to the Cyclades island group in the Aegean sea. It is a remote destination, yet to be discovered by the mass visitors, so it is perfect for laid back holidays in Greece, away from the hustle and the bustle! 
Both Chora Serifos and the island’s villages have been built according to the traditional Cycladic architecture, thus expect to see whitewashed houses, paved streets and traditional windmills galore! Serifos Chora, in particular, is considered one of the most picturesque capitals of the Cyclades. Perched on the slopes of a hill, the beautiful Chora has a breathtaking view of the Aegean sea, which makes it a wonderful spot for sunset gazing!
Having an 81 meters long coastline, Serifos boasts a big selection of beaches! Organized, or secluded, sandy or shingle, Serifos beaches are perfect to relax and enjoy your privacy away from their crowded Cycladic counterparts. Livadi beach and Livadakia beach are the most popular Serifos beaches!

Sifnos, the island of flavours, is the birthplace of famous poets as well as award winning chefs. Unique traditional villages, organized or secluded beaches, and 227 churches spread around the island are waiting to be discovered. 
Whether cosmopolitan or secluded, all the beaches in Sífnos offer to the sun-loving tourists azure waters and sun-drenched sandy beaches.


- Sifnos - Kimolos - Polyaigos (12nm)
Moving further inside Cyclades we encounter some smaller islands with unique nature-rock formations,quite bays and we get connected with the natural beauty of the scenery. Kimolos - Milos (10nm) Sailing along side to the south coast of Milos we visit iconic spots of the island, (Kleftiko,Sarakiniko,etc) with deep blue sea coves and underwater caves. Milos - Ag. Kosmas (with one or two unseen island-stops) Enjoying the full pleasure of sailing while getting back to our destination and visiting unseen parts of the islands mentioned above. 

Kimolos is a beautiful little island of the Cyclades, located next to Milos. Although it sits next to one of the most popular Greek islands, Milos manages to keep its unspoiled charm. This island is a world unto itself! Famous for its amazing beaches, crystal clear waters and picturesque architecture, Kimolos Greece is shaping up to be one of the hottest alternative destinations in Greece.

A pristine island of mysterious exotic beauties devoted to the animal kingdom is waiting for you to explore it. Polyaigos, the largest uninhabited island of the Aegean and one of the largest in the Mediterranean. The terrain of the island is rough and has a small plain at its centre. It has great geological and ecological importance since it is considered the best preserved, environmentally speaking, Mediterranean island and hosts rare or even endangered endemic species of fauna and flora, 32 endemic, rare or even endangered species of plants and a lot of wild goats. 


This particular itinerary offers a variety of island destinations where each island group features a distinct landscape, but many also share the same characteristics: amazing beaches, sheltered bays and coves, coastal caves with steep rocks (perfect for diving!) and a variety of coastal wetlands... truly an amazing diversity of landscapes and seascapes!

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Start dreaming about your perfect sailing holiday in the Greek islands!



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